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    Window Insert for Cats 6" x 35 and 57" tall Pop Up Pet Door.

    Window Insert for Cats 6
    New Window Insert for Cat's.  Works with horizontal sliding windows.  The 35" includes on Solid White Coroplast Panel and One Weighted Neoprene Flap.  The 57" comes with two Solid White Coroplast Folding Panels and One Weighted Neoprene Flap.   Both comes with weather stripping and velcro.
    From $59.99

    Cat Window Insert standard version: 35" and 57" tall windows.  They all come with our standard neoprene weighted flap. The 35" comes with one solid white coroplast panel and one neoprene flap.  The 57" comes with two solid white coroplast panels...

    From $64.99

    Now available Pop Up Pet Window Inserts.   The PVC Clear Plastic comes with clear flap and cover with velcro to attach it to the Pet Door, weights, window lock and weather stripping. You can easily modify the flap with a...